Vincent Flores Dressage

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USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold Medalist

French Classical Training

About me...

Vincent Flores & Ocapi, KWPN gelding

As long as I can remember, I've been riding horses! I started my equestrian life with a show jumping background in the South of France, my home country. After obtaining the "Galop 7" certification with the French national federation, I've started competing nationally in France.

I really discovered dressage when moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I had the opportunity to lease an exceptional show jumping horse (named Ocapi, pictured here on the top left); under the instruction of the Swedish born FEI 2* judge Lilian Sternvad, together we made our way from Training to winning at Fourth Level in less than 2 years. We've participated to the 2011 FEI World Dressage Challenge, and qualified at Advanced Level for the 2012 edition.

Vincent Flores & Hermes, PRE gelding

In 2012, I've dedicated my riding to dressage, after moving to Houston, Texas. I've competed my own horses and obtained both my Bronze and Silver medals in 2015. In 2017, I obtained my Gold Medal on a self-trained horse called Renoir, as well as my Freestyle Gold Bar with my second Grand Prix horse Montesol.

I am currently based in the greater Boston area, and available for clinics either in New England, or anywhere in the US.


Main Achievements


USDF Gold Medal

USDF Freestyle Gold Bar Medal

Reserve Champion - USDF Region 9 Third Level on Riviera

3rd Place - Southwest Dressage Championships Second Level on Riviera

Reserve Champion - USDF Region 9 First Level Freestyle on Electra

3rd Place - Southwest Dressage Championships First Level Freestyle on Electra

Freestyle High Point Champion (First Level) - HDS Spring Show, Katy, TX (USA) on Electra

Freestyle High Point Champion (Grand Prix) - HDS Autumn Show, Katy, TX (USA) on Montesol

3rd place - Southern Breeders Championships /  4 Years Old Materiale on Qualitat Kronjuwel


Leading Award Athlete - CDI2* Small Tour, Katy, TX (USA) on Dolce

Houston Dressage Society Year end Award - Reserve Champion at FEI Intermediate I on Dolce

Champion - Southwest Dressage Championships at Intermediate Freestyle on Dolce

Champion - Breed Award from SWANA at FEI Intermediate I on Dolce

Champion - Breed Award from SWANA at FEI Intermediate Freestyle on Dolce

4th Place - Region 9 Open FEI Intermediate I Freestyle Championships on Dolce

3rd Place - Southwest Dressage Championships at Third Level on Hermes


USDF Bronze & Silver medals

Champion - Region 9 2nd Level Championship on Hermes

Champion - Region 9 Prix St Georges Championship on Dolce

Champion - Region 9 Intermediate I Championship on Dolce

Champion – Southwest Dressage Championships at Intermediate I on Dolce

4th place - Region 9 1st Level Championship on Hermes

7th place - Region 9 Open Freestyle Intermediate Championship on Dolce

Breed award from the Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA) at Prix St Georges (Champion) on Dolce

2011: 11th place - FEI World Dressage Challenge (zone 4: - Greece-Israel-Turkey-Malta-Cyprus-United Arab Emirates) on Ocapi


NSC CPR Adult & Infant (June 2015, USA)

Certified by the National Safety Council


NSC First Aid (June 2015, USA)

Certified by National Safety Council


British Horse Society’s Progressive Riding Tests (2012, UAE)

Stable Management and Equitation


Federation Française d’Equitation (FFE) - Galop 7 (2000)

Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventing


Vincent Flores & Dolce, Swedish Warmblood

My training program is based on the principles of Classical dressage. In a nutshell, it refers to the development of a mutually respectful, harmonious relationship between horse and rider. A classical rider focuses on his horse’s abilities rather than on its inabilities.  In my opinion, all horses may be able to perform the movements of the Grand Prix, as long as they can physically do it without injuries. Rather than disciplining the horse because his conformation does not allow perfection, the rider accepts his horse’s best. That is not to say that the horse cannot improve his carriage or presentation with proper conditioning. Classical dressage is all about time! Like the rider, the horse also takes years to develop. Each movement is dependent upon sufficient training of previous movements. As the horse progresses in its training, gaps in training will become more apparent. If the horse is not adequately prepared, the highest levels cannot be attained. That is why training and classical dressage is about time, not about shortcuts and training gadgets and gizmos. No training device or shortcut will ever surpass good foundation work.

Services offered:

  •  limited space for horse in full training
  • 45 min Lesson in clinics
  •  Show coaching
  •  Starting young horse
  •  Developing and promoting horses for sale